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Why Ignite Automotive Chooses Quality Lubricants and Euro-Grade Oils

At Ignite Automotive, we understand that your vehicle is an investment, and we take pride in providing exceptional service to keep it running smoothly. Here’s why we prioritize using only high-quality lubricants and specifically stock Euro-grade oils:

  • Unmatched Protection & Performance: We use top-tier lubricants formulated to meet the demanding requirements of modern engines. These lubricants offer superior protection against wear and tear, friction, and extreme temperatures. This translates to:

    • Extended Engine Life: Quality lubricants minimize internal wear, promoting engine longevity and potentially reducing long-term repair costs.
    • Enhanced Performance: Reduced friction leads to smoother operation, potentially improved fuel efficiency, and a more responsive driving experience.
  • Catering to High-End Vehicles: We specialize in servicing a wide range of vehicles, including high-performance and luxury models. These vehicles often have specific oil requirements, and Euro-grade oils are formulated to meet the stringent standards set by European manufacturers. They offer:

    • Advanced Specifications: Euro-grade oils meet or exceed the specifications outlined in the manufacturer’s recommendations for your vehicle.
    • Optimal Performance: They are specifically designed to match the unique engineering of European vehicles, ensuring optimal performance and protecting your investment.
  • Speed & Efficiency: We stock a wide variety of Euro-grade oils to ensure we have the right oil for your specific vehicle readily available. This translates to:

    • Faster Service: No need to wait for special orders, allowing us to complete your oil change efficiently.
    • Convenience: Get your oil change done right the first time, without delays.

Investing in Your Vehicle’s Health:

By using high-quality lubricants and Euro-grade oils specifically, we demonstrate our commitment to providing exceptional service for all vehicles, particularly high-end models. We believe this approach ensures optimal engine protection, performance, and longevity for your valuable investment.

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Diesel Premium Oil Change

While regular diesel oil keeps your engine running, premium diesel oil offers a range of advantages that can significantly enhance performance, protection, and overall ownership experience

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Domestic Oil Change

Synthetic Blend Oil Change for domestic vehicles up to 5L

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Synthetic Oil Change

Full Synthetic Oil Change for Euro and import vehicles up to 5L

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